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Our key 

Our communication platform is fully managed solution deployed on cloud based infrastructure. Our clients receive highly tailored private service. Due to its nature, our solution introduces flexible subscription schema and fits all types of businesses.

Fully managed solution
TCO effective
how we work


Becoming our customer is reasonably easy. Let us show you the real-life start of your future-proof communication platform in three simple steps.

step 1


Every client is unique. So our on-boarding process.

Should there be any existing solution to migrate? Or is your business growing quickly from zero? Our internal team will conduct series of workshops and find the best route to your brand new environment. Our team has long experience from global communication centres and is ready to assist you even in process redesign.

step 2

Service delivery

Our communication platform is built on the top of fully redundant components. Our service level guarantee lets you sleep really well.

Operational excellence is key to success in environment of communication centres. Your customers are demanding always higher level of service. There is no room for outages. our infrastructure team operates underlining components 24x7, while our first line support team is ready to assist you during regular business ours. Should there be any critical operational model you would like us to maintain? No problem at all. We are ready to tailor our operational model to fit exactly your needs.

step 3

Service Extension

This is just the beginning.

Our customer struggled with their legacy contact centre solution. While moving to our subscription based contact centre platforms, they received ongoing compliance with latest global trends and fast response to any private inquiry they may have. Should there by any modification requirement? What about new integration to legacy customer management solution? No worries, we are always ready to help.

cloud platform

key Platform features

Our platform comply with latest trends in modern communication centres.

Single routing

Powerful routing strategies and engine is brain of your communication centre. It handles all incoming and outgoing traffic according to your needs. No more valuable customers waiting long minutes to be served by appropriate skills and background.

Voice channels

High quality voice communication channels are supported. 

Chat conversation

According to the latest trends, text base conversation are evolving. Our platform introduces the same level of operational excellence for chat based channels.


Visual connection becomes popular across modern communication centres.

Email handling

Complex email channel handling support is embedded in our solution.

Call recording

All voice communication may be recorded and archived to comply with internal or external audit requirements.

Social media integration

Social media channels like Twitter or Facebook are very popular especially at younger part of our population. Unique agent experience and part of standard reporting make our solution even stronger now.


check out our latest works

Our installed base is growing. Let us share some of our client stories with you.


frequently asked questions

We remain at your disposal should you have any questions. Please feel free to contact us directly or continue in our F.A.Q. section.

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